Professor – International Economics

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Miroslav N. Jovanović, PhD teaches economic integration at the University of Geneva (The Alma mater of Jose Manuel Barroso, the former head of the European Commission) and Economics of the EU and Economics of International Integrations on master studies at Novi Sad School of Business as a guesting lecturer. He worked for the United Nations from 1989 to 2017, first at the UN Centre for Transnational Corporations in New York before moving in 1992 to the UN Economic Commission for Europe in Geneva. At the Centre he worked closely for three years with the General Editor, John H. Dunning, on the UN Library on Transnational Corporations, a set of readings covering all economic aspects of transnational corporations and foreign direct investment. The set comprises 20 volumes and is the biggest project ever to come from the Centre. It was published by Routledge of London in 1993 and 1994. In 1992, he moved to the UN Economic Commission for Europe in Geneva where his assignments included trade and investment promotion and facilitation, relations with the European Union, statistics, and finally, the promotion of links between Europe and Asia. Professor Jovanović principal academic and research interests are in: International economic integration, Evolutionary economics and geography, European Union, Enlargement of the European Union, Location of firms/industries and spatial economics, Industrial, trade and competition policies, Transnational corporations and foreign direct investment. He is also known as a great connoisseur of the economic situation in transition countries. He is the author and editor of 25 volumes (including textbooks) that deal with economic integration. Most of them were published in Britain, while a few ones were published in the USA, China, Greece and Serbia. Jovanović is also the author of numerous articles on the issue of economic integration published in refereed journals and contributor (with Jelena Damnjanović) to the Palgrave Encyclopaedia. He won the Daeyang Prize for Year 2010 for the best article (‘Is globalisation taking us for a ride’, September, pp. 501-549) published in the Journal of Economic Integration in 2010. He has given courses and public lectures at the many academic institutions such as: Austria: Johannes Kepler University, Linz; China: Nankai University, Tianjin; Croatia: University of Zagreb; England: University of Cambridge; Germany: University of Reutlingen; University of Mannheim etc.