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Jovan Njegić, PhD is a professor of applied studies and Head of the Office for Projects and International Cooperation at the Novi Sad School of Business, Serbia. He is specialist in the field of quantitative finance, data analysis, data science, machine learning algorithms, artificial intelligence and online learning platforms development. He has programming-related skills in: R, Python, Data Analysis, Supervised Machine Learning Unsupervised Machine Learning Reinforcement Learning, Deep Learning – Neural Networks JavaScript and HTML CSS. He has 13 years of experience in lecturing on undergraduate, specialists and master courses at Novi Sad School of Business. He also has an additional experience that he gained at Sunningdale Capital LLP, London, UK, 2011 Intern, topic: Developed software to support investment research of hedge fund index products and at Zepter Invest, Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2010 Intern, topic: Investment management and investment analysis, managing company’s transaction control and supervision. In 2018 he was a lecturer at Applied Artificial Intelligence Workshop for software developers and a participant in the project – Development of deep neural network for computer vision related project in ComData, Novi Sad, Serbia. He published his research results in numerous international scientific journals and conference proceedings. In 2017 he was a Project manager in the project “Measuring the Current Level of Competitiveness of AP Vojvodina”, financed by the Provincial Secretariat for Higher Education and Scientific Research, Vojvodina, Serbia. He was also a member of team responsible for the process of NSSB study programmes’ accreditation on multiple occasions. In 2018 he was in Organizational board of International Scientific and Expert Conference “Economic Development and Competitiveness of European Countries Achievements – Challenges – Opportunities” organized in the Novi Sad School of Business and also a member of the team that organized European Universities Debating Championships EUDC2018 in NSSB in August 2018. In the project he will be responsible for setting up the web platform, which will serve for dissemination of video and interactive studying materials.