Professor – International Economics

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Jelena Damnjanović, PhD is a professor of international business and the director of Novi Sad School of Business, Serbia. Her major academic interests are the European Union, international economics, transnational corporations and foreign direct investments, globalisation, international trade and competition. In 2008 she was appointed member of the Working Group in charge of drafting the law on foreign investment projects. She is the (co)author of more than 40 academic papers, four books and participant in international and government projects. In the period from 2013 until 2017 professor Damjanović was a guest lecturer and presented papers at the University of Geneva (Switzerland), City University (Hong Kong, China) and Florence International Autumn School (Florence, Italy). She has 20 years of experience in lecturing on the undergraduate and master courses such as: International Trade, International Economics, Trade Management and Economics of the EU. She is a participant as a teacher trainer in Erasmus+ Pro-VET project (Professional Development of Vocational Education Teachers’ with European Practices). In 2017 she participated in three projects financed by the Provincial Secretariat for Higher Education and Scientific Research and in 2018 she became a leader of one oriented on international business and trade also funded by Provincial Secretariat. As a professor with respected experience in international economics she participated in designing curricula for undergraduate study programme Trade and International Business and master programme International Business and Finance at NSSB. In 2018 she was the president of the Organizational board of International Scientific and Expert Conference “Economic Development and Competitiveness of European Countries Achievements – Challenges – Opportunities” organized in the Novi Sad School of Business. In order to promote HEI values with respecting students’ opinion she was a member of the team that hosted more than 700 students in organizing European Universities Debating Championships EUDC2018 in NSSB in August 2018