Dissemination coordinator

e-mail: dragana.vps@gmail.com

Dragana Tomašević is employed as a teaching assistant at the Novi Sad School of Business. She completed basic and master studies in Department of European Economics and Business in the Faculty of Economics, Subotica. During the studies, she gained exceptional competencies for understanding the European and international economies, which enabled a critical re-examination of the European economy, its macro/microeconomic, economic, political and branch aspects. She is currently a PhD student in the study program Business economics, Marketing. Dragana Tomašević is also an acitve member of the Marketing team of Novi Sad School of Business for many years. She works on promotions in the secondary school in region of Autonomus Province of Vojvodina and advocates for fair and open communication with both secondary school students and students with whom she collaborates on excercises. She has eight year of excperience in preparing and performing exercises in courses: Consumer Behaviour, Business Economics, Fundamentals of Economis and Business Statistics. She is an author of numerous papers published in national and international conferences and leading national journals.