Lecturer – International Economics


Biljana Stankov, PhD is a lecturer at Trade and International Cooperation Department at the Novi Sad School of Business. The basic areas of her current interest, teaching-scientific work and future scientific training are: European Union, International economy and the Economy of European integrations, Foreign direct investments and National competitiveness. Since 2007, she has been employed at the Faculty of Economics and Engineering Management, University of Business Academy as a teaching associate, and at the end of 2008 she became a teaching associate at the Novi Sad School of Business, where after completion of Master Academic Studies, she become a teaching assistant. Since 2016, in cooperation with the Editor-in-Chief, she has been dealing with the editing of the scientific journal “School of Business”, published by the Novi Sad School of Business. As a reviewer, she was engaged by the editorial board of the scientific journals “Management: Journal of Sustainable Business and Management Solutions in Emerging Economies” and “EMC Review – Economy and Market Communication Review”. In 2018 she was in Organizational Board of the International Scientific and Expert Conference “Economic Development and Competitiveness of European Countries Achievements – Challenges – Opportunities” that was held in NSSB. So far, as author or co-author, Biljana Stankov participated and presented papers in about 30 scientific conferences, published about 20 papers in scientific journals and 3 papers in monograph studies. During her 10-year teaching work, her priority was fostering good relationships and direct communication with students while maintaining high quality of teaching and other activities. Biljana Stankov has been engaged in realization of teaching in many subjects, among which are the Economics of the European Union, Foreign Trade and Modern Business Environment. She is also an active participant of NSSB Marketing team, she works on promotions in secondary schools in region of Vojvodina since 2008, organizes secondary school students visit to Novi Sad School of Business, promote HEI values in Education fairs and helps in improving collaboration with secondary school professors and students.